What is Life?

Do you ever wonder what life could and would be like beyond our regular day-to-day routines and schedules? Ever think about how big the earth is and that we only live on 1% of it? Fun Fact about the 3rd rock from the Sun: Planet Earth is the only known World that can sustain human... Continue Reading →

My Discoveries on Life as I Know It.

I haven't posted in a while because I've been occupied with trying to sort out this shift that has happened in my life. I recently began painting with my friends as a way for us to express our creative minds. We found it to be extremely therapeutic on many levels and has become a significant... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, RESTART.

via Daily Prompt: Restart re┬Ěstart verb a new start or beginning Now, this is very interesting that this topic of "Restart"ing has popped up on my feed. I've recently been in this state of... not so much of confusion, but an uncertainty of how to restart. I know what needs to be done and perhaps... Continue Reading →

We’re All Broken

We all suffer from conditioning from our childhood and past lives. Every little detail about the events that have taken place have impacted our life no matter how big or small. As we all come from different walks of life, we recognize and should respect that we're all broken in some way, shape or form.

I am Not Not Crazy.

Have you ever thought about the intense realities of psychological abuse? Psychological abuse a.k.a Emotional abuse, is a very serious, extremely common and invisible occurance. It has the power to take lives due to the internal rotting of the mind and spirit. When a loved one is suffering from psychological abuse, people have a hard... Continue Reading →

Watching The World Around You

Do you ever just stop in the middle of what you're doing, to watch everything around you? Sometimes while you're sitting on public transit with your headphones blaring, do you ever zone out and people-watch? Or how about on a hike, at the cottage or the wilderness, do you ever stop to take a deep... Continue Reading →

The Shift Begins

I must say that along with plenty of people I've encountered this year, the talk about this "Big Shift" is about to take place. No one knows what will happen but somehow everyone feels extremely positive and optimistic about it, which by no means am I complaining. However we all know that what goes up,... Continue Reading →

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