Watching The World Around You

Do you ever just stop in the middle of what you're doing, to watch everything around you? Sometimes while you're sitting on public transit with your headphones blaring, do you ever zone out and people-watch? Or how about on a hike, at the cottage or the wilderness, do you ever stop to take a deep... Continue Reading →


Loneliness vs. Being alone

Right now, I'm feeling lonely. Today, I'm spending time alone.

The Shift Begins

I must say that along with plenty of people I've encountered this year, the talk about this "Big Shift" is about to take place. No one knows what will happen but somehow everyone feels extremely positive and optimistic about it, which by no means am I complaining. However we all know that what goes up,... Continue Reading →

Feminism vs. Masculism vs. Equalism?

I'm neither a Feminist nor a Masculist. Please note: The following entry is from my basic knowledge and research that I've come across as of late. Please keep an open heart and mind as this is purely observation and documentation. I would love to hear your thoughts and constructive criticism, leave a comment below or send... Continue Reading →

My CAVITY[ies] Aren’t From Sweets

via Daily Prompt: Cavity Whenever kids went to the dentist and discovered a Cavity, they were told that it was because of too much sweets. Well for me, after having cavities all my life, I've discovered that it was because of too much acidic foods. I Love vinegar and sour things. Some would choose chocolate,... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have To Own it All

I'm slowly learning that although I empathize with everyones burdens and troubles, I can't own it all. Owning it all... what does that even mean? I can't seem to grasp this idea because it's in my nature to always care but I guess that may be what it means --- don't care too much. So,... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable /inˈskro͞odəb(ə)l/  ---  impossible to understand or interpret. Hmm... well, this word is new to my vocabulary as well. I guess I can start by naming one thing that is Inscrutable to me, and that is life. I believe that life will always be the one biggest mystery because it's ever-changing and filled with so... Continue Reading →

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