a very Funnel story

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The Boy and I were driving one day and my car started to feel “rougher” to drive. I knew that it was probably an oil change so luckily we were close to a store where I bought myself some oil. I gotta thank Pops for teaching me how to check my oil, but no one ever taught me how to put oil in.

Alls I knew, was that I needed a funnel and oil.

I asked the mechanics about what kind of oil my car needed and grabbed a jug. Next, the funnel. I took a look at the very few they had in stock and looked at The Boy and asked if any of these were the right one, and neither of us really knew. Like the idiot that I am, I thought about the tiny pipe that the dipstick goes in and was convinced that those funnels were too big.

So we go to the Baking section. (I’m dying inside as I’m looking back at this)

Aha! There, I find what I thought would fit that skinny pipe so, off we went. When it came time to filling up, I pull up the dipstick and clean it off, set it aside. I thought to myself, ‘hmm… that’s pretty dark…’. I carried on with the funnel and held it over the spout and,

“Shit! It literally just SITS on top of the pipe! wtf?!…. ah, fuck it.”,

I say and there he goes pouring it in the funnel, as carefully as he can so I don’t slip!

(Oh my god guys, I’m seriously killing myself over here)

We stopped when we thought it was good, checked the dipstick and went a tad over the full line but I’m sure it was fine. I called my mechanic the next day to take a look at things and he said my oil tank was nearly burnt to the bottom, hence why the dipstick earlier was darker. Whoops.

It was my cars fault!

I was only at 2500kms over my last oil change so I didn’t expect anything like this. As a result, my PCV valve needed changing as it was causing my car to burn oil twice as fast. Thankfully, it wasn’t a costly fix but when the mechanic asked me how I filled my oil, as he was quite impressed, with confidence I tell him and his eyes widened and he started to smirk. Mind you, I’ve known these mechanics for years so I didn’t feel too embarrassed but I howled when he told me that,

“The yellow En-gine Oil cap is what you take off and fill, not where the dipstick goes.”

and laughed. Oh man, did I ever feel like such a knob but hey! Now I know!

I hope you all enjoyed!


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